InstaGuide – Instagram Tips and Secrets for Growing and Monetizing



Instaguide – Tips and Secrets!

I have been in the Instagram industry for four years now and have had tremendous success with growing accounts!  Since I have quite a bit of experience with Instagram I decided to write and create the “InstaGuide” which contains all of the knowledge that I’ve learned since starting.

The information that you’ll read and learn about is knowledge that has been shared by both myself and other Instagram marketing experts.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading and implementing Instagram marketing tactics and with the “Instaguide” you’ll be able to learn all of this in just an hour!


Have you ever asked yourself how you can grow and monetize your Instagram in an effective way?  If so, then we highly recommend the “Instaguide – Instagram Tips and Secrets” which will help you grow your business, followers, and engagement on Instagram!

Our InstaGuide will contain 7 Chapters:

  1. Getting Followers – Different Methods and Tips!

  2. Manage Your Activity – Boosting it

  3. Leveraging Engagement Groups

  4. Monetizing your Instagram – Selling Shoutouts and CPA

  5. How to Avoid a Ban

  6. Converting your page into different content [e.g Travel to Hotels]

  7. Using software to grow your account – MassPlanner


Screenshots of InstaGuide


Instaguide Screenshots



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