Do you accept Escrow?

  • Yes.

Do the accounts have Real Followers?

  • Yes, all the accounts we sell have real Followers.

Can I see the account(s) before I purchase?

  •   Sure! We keep the account’s username private on our website to keep it safe from bots, but you can ask us by sending an email or a Skype message.

What Payment methods do you accept?

  • Paypal, Bitcoin, Stripe and Skrill.

How do you get the accounts?

  • we have a professional team specializing in growing these accounts

When will I receive the details?

  • Immediately!  You’ll receive the account email/username and password after the payment (and verification code if needed).

Do you monetize these accounts?

  • No, we focus on the engagement and keep the account(s) clean.

How can I monetize the accounts?

  • By selling shoutouts, CPA offers, Selling Products…We can offer you our instaguide.

Are your accounts safe?

  • Yes, we make the best to keep the accounts safe and to never get flagged.

    Can I change the account niche (e.g. from Pets to Cars)? Will I lose followers?

  • Yes, you can but recommended two similar niches. (e.g. from Sports to Health).

    Will this account continue growing after I purchase Instagram account?

  • Absolutely, it will grow in an organic way.

How do you grow your accounts?

  • By Following/Unfollowing Method, Posting daily with Proper Tags, Liking other users photos, getting shoutouts from big niche-relevant accounts and most importantly being active.

For how long are you selling accounts?

  • I began growing Instagram Accounts about 4 Years Ago.  I was selling in Facebook groups, on the BlackHatWorld forum, Epicnpc and to my own customers on Skype.  After being successful with growing and sell IG pages, I and my partners have decided to make our own marketplace website (TooFame).

Do you buy accounts?

  • Not yet.

Can I get my money back after I purchase an Account?

  • No, unless you don’t receive the details after the payment.


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